Guardians 2a

As a comics creator, researcher, instructor, editor, and author, I am often quite busy with multiple projects and spinning plates of awesome work to be done. However, I am usually open to comics or illustration work on commission, depending upon my then-current set of deadlines and commitments. Although it will mainly depend on the specifics of any given project and what you are specifically looking for, here are some rough estimates for smaller projects:

1-page black and white illustration (no panels, depending on detail): $50 to $100

Comics per page (depending on b/w, color, panels, research, etc.): $80 to $200

Please note that $80 to 200 is relative standard for the comics industry, and the end cost will vary. As they require a greater time and creativity commitment, larger projects especially will be on a project-by-project basis. I am open to other media – including water color, oil and other paints, etc.


Whatever the project, drop me a line, tell me about your ideas, progress, and budget, and we can set aside some time to talk it over.


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