About Great Bear Comics

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Great Bear Comics is a platform for comics and other visual narratives, including illustrated prose, screen prints, weavings, felted creatures, and other things. As a creator, my work is grounded in the life that I have lived near and around the Great Lakes and its ecologies. Underlying all of my stories, in whatever medium, is an intense interest in the natural world and in the stories we create, especially in images, to understand that which is impossible to understand: life.

In comics, I collaborate with other creators and provide GBC as a means to spotlight our work. Please drop me a line if you enjoy my style and would like to collaborate on a project!  In the near future, I will be setting up a shop where you will be able to purchase the comics that you see here via the Great Bear Comics Etsy Store. Should you live outside of the USA, please contact me so that we can work out a way for you to get my work.

At the same time that I am a comics creator and visual narrative maker, I am also a folklorist and researcher currently based out of the Denver area. Check out the links to pages about my presentations, publications, and teaching to get a sense of my background, and, obviously, the page ‘About Me.’


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