Prints and Such

Well, this year has been a crazed and crazy one so far – and not just because of current events. I’ve accepted a position that I’ll be announcing more broadly soon – wherein I’ll be teaching and researching, but also making comics and other activities. It’ll be a relief in terms of being able to focus my energies on the stuff that matters, including finishing some projects and creating some new stories. But, in the meantime, I’ve fallen behind on a lot of things, including posting my work online as I polish it off.

So, here’s a couple of recent prints that I’ve posted elsewhere (Twitter and FB) – but not here on my blog. You can buy a fancy-ass print of each of these from me personally or at Heroes Con later this month, where I’ll be tabling with the fantastic Zak Kinsella again.

First up is a dare – a somewhat aroused Wolverine in chainmail. I was experimenting with using watercolor pencils and dug the end effect.

Wolvie Pinup


This one came about to appeal to fans of MR ROBOT and is a bit simpler – though I’ll likely be changing font color to red if I print them again.




And these two were created for friends – the X-Men’s Jubilee (not a vampire) on current politics and Alpha Flight’s Puck on gentrification. I like the former in particular – both because she was a bit of a role model for me growing up (though I imagined she was queer) and because I’m getting a solid approach to the watercolor pencils, methinks.


Jubs Fuck TrumpPuck a



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