Gettin’ Back in the Groove

I have been focusing on Freelance Writing for the last few months – both to help pay the bills and because it’s gone surprisingly well. I’ll hopefully be posting some links to a couple of examples of the work that I’ve been doing – but it will likely be limited to those where I get credited as the author. For now, it’s time to get a first glimpse of an upcoming project I been working on.

It’s an adaptation of The Picture of Dorian Gray – with an entirely different story line, revamped characters, and a focus more on the current toxic masculinity in the contemporary United States. There’s also some commentary on social media, the devaluation of friendship, and the bro-ification of Denver, Colorado. In short, there’s a lot going on in this little book.

But – without further ado – here’s the first page of said comic.

DPDG1c censored

The first page is basically setting the relationship between our two main characters – Dorian and Basil. They’re in the midst of their early 20s and all the awkwardness that entails, so it’s intentional that they seem naive – though I won’t lie, the late 90s references were really fun. And of course the titular dick pic is censored – to avoid stupidity, keep the number of dicks on the internet lower, and maintain the mystery of Dorian’s member. Overall, it’s still a bit rough around the edges and will be polished off before printing, but peaking behind the scenes is what blogs are for, right?

More pages are coming, but the final book will be a fusion of my own and co-creator / collaborator Zak Kinsella‘s work. We’re hoping to get it out ASAP, but it’s all reliant on money-making and other projects – such is the life of indie comics creators!


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