Well, this month got away from me! Unfortunately – or fortunately, depending on how you look at it – I spent much of last month working my butt off on freelance projects. Although I will be able to get through August in one piece, that meant setting aside my goals for Great Bear Month. Apologies to all who’d hoped for more of last month!

For now, I’ll try to make it up to you, dear readers, by posting a bunch of stuff that should have been put up here in July. To start, here’s a long-ago-promised landscape! The place in question is one of my favorite public spaces – the Crosswinds Marsh County Park in New Boston, Michigan. This wind-swept place – just next to a big ol’ dump – has long been a favorite place for my family to take walks.

Partly, it’s because it’s just down the road from our house – only about a five or ten minute drive. But a big part of the why is that our family dog, Sebastion, loved the place. He’d dash through the reedy fields and boggy forests with glee – chasing anything he could before getting totally freaked out by it, rabbit, frog, or otherwise.

Crosswinds 2016 a

This is a view of my favorite spot – where the water rushes over a little dam, which remains out of sight. The wind and the light sweep you up into the sky, a bit – but my focus here was more on the vibrant dance of the reeds and the mess of green trees beyond. That makes the water and the trees beyond seem smaller than they are, creating a sense of smallness within this very grand landscape.

Whenever I go at Crosswinds, I feel like I’m followed by ghosts – of my family, of Sebastion, and of the people that I have been in my short life. In short, it’s a comfort.



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