Pet Portraits

My sister is a veterinarian in Washington state – and her two canine companions are a pair of chihuahuas. For her birthday, I had planned to draw portraits of them but wound up not having enough time to get them finished in time. So, one of my first goals this month was to get these portraits completed. The first is of TJ, one of the best dogs I have ever known and definitely the best chihuahua I know. I dig how this portrait came out, though I’m not sure it’s as close a resemblance as I’d like.

TJ a

The second is of Badger, an incredibly cute pup but all-around trouble maker. He has eaten couch arms and generally causes as much trouble as possible. He’s still love-able, but you can kinda tell he’s trouble just by looking at him. I wound up putting his right eye a little bit high, but I kinda like the effect of making him seem a bit off…cuz he kinda is.

Badger a

That’s likely all for now, though I’m hoping to have a piece of Game of Thrones fan art up some time today or tomorrow, along with the first page of a new collaborative comic I been working on. See you again soon!


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