An Attempt at Illustration

A few years ago, when I was living in Michigan and coping with lots of STUFF – about which you can read in previous posts. During that time, I collected several poems to do with my father and with moving around a lot as Odin(son)g – a collection I’ve long hoped to put together into an illustrated version as a zinely chapbook – or chapbookly zine.

This is the first attempt – a test to see how well these poems work with illustrations. It’s a poem about moving from Michigan to Denver back in 2012 and wanting the person I was, the people I loved (including my father), and the Great Lakes region itself to echo in me – to remain with me despite moving far away.

Without further ado, here it be.

Echo in Me Illustrated a

The main figure is a bit of a self-portrait – though I don’t have quite the same hair, nose, figure, etc. And I had intended the whispering figure – who represents the Great Lakes and my past – to resemble my dad, but the resemblance isn’t so much there. Anyway, what do you think? Like if you’d like to see more poems – or comment for more specific thoughts.


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