Work in Progress

I’m currently working on a collaborative comic that should be pretty awesome – and that I’ll be posting pages from in the coming days. As part of that project, me and co-creator Zak Kinsella are gonna draw at least one page of the story together, so we decided to do a test-run on collaboratively constructing some art. And when it came to deciding what to draw, we quickly decided upon some mutual favorite WWE villains – the Vaudevillains!

I’m only just getting into wrestling, but I’ve enjoyed the few shows of the Denver Lucha Libre and Laughs that I’ve attended – and I really dig this team and their concept. Zak took “Butterscotch” Simon Gotch, and I took Aiden English – as you can see below.

Vaudevillains Rough

The image got cut off due to my small scanner, but you can still see my progress so far – pencils and inks are both mostly done. I struggled with the hands due to the fore-shortening on the left and the showman’s gesture on the right – and with getting his face right (which I might still change a bit at a later point). I also struggled with my love of crosshatching – the key (for me) is creating a sense of space and motion without getting so much detail that things get confused and messy. But I am digging the contrast between my and Zak’s styles, and I think it actually makes each stand out more strikingly.

Next comes some finishing textures and possibly colors – but that’ll have to wait for now. I’ll post the updated image later this month, so keep an eye out, eh?


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