A Little Blue Comic

At the end of a long, long day of travel and attempting-to-sell-comics, I had a really low moment where I was just sitting in a hotel lounge waiting for a friend I was unsure would be coming. Spoiler alert: They showed up like good friends do! But, for a moment there, I was feeling ridiculously low. During those few minutes, I knew I needed to get my mind off of my depressed thoughts, so I decided to draw a comic to cheer myself up.

And this little, sad comic is the result. As you can see, the tone is very glum – until the very end. Even while I was pencilling it days later, I wasn’t sure if I should finish it. But I figure that if this helps somebody else feeling extremely low and suicidal remember any of the wonderful things in their life – or in this world full of good friends, vibrant ecosystems, birds in flight, snuggle-some dogs – then maybe it’s worth posting.

Sometimes b

Until next post.


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