Much Belated Hourly Comics

I made these comics all the way back in February for annual Hourly Comic Day – a regular event on February 1st where creators draw one short comic per hour (or set of hours) that they are awake. Here’s a more complete set of hourlies from fantastic queertoonist Melanie Gillman – in which you can see me saying “Shit!”

Sidenote: Best visual representation of me EVER (that I know of).

In any case, I laid out around 8 or 10 of these but really only got the first four in any kind of good shape. Who knows? I might get ambitious and finish off the other 4 to 6 – and post them for your viewing pleasure. But – for now – here’s the one’s I got.

Here’s 8 to 9 AM and 9 to 10 AM – followed by 10 to 11 and 11 to 1 PM.

Hourly 2015 1aHourly 2015 2 a



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