An eXtreme Challenge

A little while ago, me and fellow comics creators Zak, Lonnie, and Neil all talked about our ideal X-men teams – as inspired by this fine discussion and fantasy draft at Comics Alliance. In the end, we also challenged each other to drawn the teams that we had imagined, and my illustration is the first of the two posts I’ll be putting up today (as the 3rd wound up being my busy day).

Without further ado, here’s the artwork in question – pencil, ink, and colored pencil.

Dream X Team a

It’s a little bit goofy – especially that they’re randomly in the woods – but I dig the end product.

In any case, my team is led by an earlier version of Psylocke  with body armor and a different backstory (namely that she was Asian the whole time, but messed with people’s minds so that they would believe a more convoluted story rather than recognizing that she was the child of the Braddock patriarch and a middle to lower class Asian woman). The “Patch” version of Wolverine backs her up, followed by Gateway, the aboriginal teleporter who doesn’t get enough love, queer new X-man Anole (with his partially armor-ized body), and two of my favorite Generation X-ers — Chamber with his psionic badassery and Monet with flight, strength, and telepathy combined. In my mind, they take a more low-key approach to fighting injustice – using teleportation and telepathy to pretty much change the world in smaller and more practical ways than taking on Magneto or Apocalypse ever few weeks.

In case you’re wondering, here‘s what Neil’s team of Colossus, Hope Summers, Iceman, Elixir, and classic 90’s Wolverine looked like.

That’s it for now – Until next post!


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