Making a Denver Comic

In the week before the week of DINK (Denver Independent Comics and Arts Expo) – my experiences with which I will be writing up later this week – the WestWord put a call out for their annual Comics issue. Despite being ridiculously busy, I decided to submit a story I’d originally written for my hourly comics (for Hourly Comics Day), which I’d never finished – due to being ridiculously busy with writing/teaching/researching gigs.

I tried telling the story to various folks, who liked it enough that I quickly drew it up the day it was due – but of course. It got me a bit behind on screenprinting t-shirts for DINK (which I’ll also be posting on later this week), but it was a fun enough experience. I got some great feedback from fellow comickers Lonnie MF Allen and Peri S. of Denver. I did ignore one point of constructive feedback – namely that I should label the bus the #15, as it would be more familiar to WestWord readers (just ask a Denverite); instead, I kept things realistic, as I was in fact riding the #6 bus at the time of this story.

In the end, it didn’t make it into the top 10 – which are quite awesome of course – but I still like it quite a bit. So here it be for your viewing/reading pleasure…

No Thank You b

The separate registers were probably a bit too much – and likely don’t cohere enough given my penchant for overly detailed cross-hatching.

But at the very least – I realized that inasmuch as my cross-hatching can be a time-consuming weakness, it can also be a powerful strength for me to draw upon. Methinks that’s a pretty awesome thing to come of a one-day rush to make a comic strip!



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