T-Shirts and Other Promotions

Today’s post is a pretty brief one. With the Denver Independent Comics and Art Expo coming super-soon – and with my hopeful attendance at the Popular Culture Association meetings in Seattle that same week – this month is gonna be CRAZY. So, though I’ll be posting a fair amount of stuff this month as I prep for the big event, the commentary is gonna be taking more of a back seat.

Case one is the design for Great Bear Comics first t-shirt. This was originally used for a mix CD given to friends, then transformed into a design for a Christmas present, and has now become my first attempt at proper merch.


It will be printed on blue-green t-shirts through an online printer – though next time, I’ll be having a screen made and then printing them myself, as it’s a fair amount cheaper and quite a bit more fun. Do contact me to pre-order – or else come buy one at the Great Bear Comics table at DINK. In any case, I’ll be posting a sample up here soon…

In the mean time, keep an eye out for the final 2 pages of Story Telling, a preview of a longer work, some shorter comics, and reviews of some recent releases from India – namely Sarnath Banerjee’s All Quiet in Vikaspuri and the Gaysi Zine queer comics anthology.


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