Shine a Light

For tabling at the recent Beastival 3, I wanted to have some more stuff beyond comics and prints. So, being that my t-shirt designs have been a bit stalled, I decided to do something with some salvaged wood. Here’s one of the results – with a glowing bat-signal and some hidden glow on Cat-woman and her sidekick:


For each painting, my good friend Scott helped me out by a) providing salvaged wood and b) cutting and helping sand the surface. From there, I used some Danish wood oil – or, as that ran out, wood stain – to finish the surfaces and prep them for acrylic paints. Once I got down to getting them paints, I also found some glow-in-the-dark paint and decided to help the paintings pop more. I think Storm especially came out great…


I wanted her to be more realistic than most depictions of the character – with a sense of the freedom and weight of flight / controlling the weather. She was my favorite X-men character in the animated series for that very oscillation between god-level powers and being severely down-to-earth – so it was quite fun to paint this.

I had also intended to do more couples – as the them of the event was Valentine’s Day – but the only one that came out was a Gambit and Wolverine cuddling image. And I need to fix one element still – namely the card that Gambit is holding should be an Ace of Hearts, but is fairly illegible due to some paint issues I had.


That’s all for now – though I’ll be posting the latest Story Telling page later today, too.


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