Expressive Lies part 3

The original scan and edit of this page got lost amid the insanity of this past December. And the original page, too, has been misplaced – so to help complete this story for you all, I used some less than ideal scans that I was able to find and recovered what I could. It actually looks pretty good for having been mostly lost!

This page takes us further into this mysterious narrative, with a bit more on the way that the story in question has affected the various speakers. I especially like the large panel on this page – but the next one to come (for page #4) is actually my favorite of the whole story so far. In any case, here it be:

ST 3 Recovered

Keep an eye out for pages #4 and #5- which will be going live some time tomorrow and Sunday, respectively. And, if you’re in the Denver area, be sure to come say ‘howdy’ to Great Bear Comics at the upcoming Beastival 3 at Mile High Comics tomorrow from 6 to 11 PM. We’ll have prints, comics, zines, postcards – and even a limited supply of some wood-base paintings with a superheroic Valentine’s theme!


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