Catching Up

Over the next few weeks, I’m gonna be posting a bunch of work that I been working on, starting with a few commissions/Christmas presents. At this point, they’re much belated, but the holidays were a bit hectic due to the events described in Update 2. Anyways, let’s start with a work I did as a present for my friend (and current comics collaborator) Zak Kinsella.

Kinseller A small

This started from hanging out at Mutiny Information Cafe here in Denver and looking at all the fantastic old scifi books there – but especially their often zany cover art. I’d been debating what to do for holiday presents, and making art always seems like a great idea. To start, I had to figure out the theme, but Kinsella is currently working on a nifty, space-oriented book called Outre Veil (there’s an accent on the “e” in “Outre”). And then, in laying out the overall composition, it came together real quick.

Bizarre landscape that reminds one of fungus? Check.

Weird monster that looks a bit like a pile of vegetables or possibly organs? Check.

Space warrior princess looking awesome (but not helping the spaceman out cuz she’s got much better things to do – like eating popcorn)? Check

So it was and so it goes. Next up, we get to the end of the story for Story Telling (see here and here for the previous pages).



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