Banners and Breaks

Happy New Year! I have been bad about posting updates and otherwise over the last few months – my workload this fall was heavier than I realized. Looking back on it, I didn’t sleep nearly enough and didn’t have much time at all for much beyond meeting deadlines. With 2016, my goals are to sleep adequately and get more of my work posted and out into the world – which shouldn’t be too difficult.

On a sadder note, the most recent break was due to the death of my close feline friend, Alexander (who lived 17 years) and other stressors – I won’t talk about that today, though (see the soon-to-arrive and much-revised Update 2 if yer interested). No – today is for presenting the Great Bear banner image.

I’ve noticed many creators and publishers at cons and expos have some really great, eye-catching banners to draw potential readers in, so I decided months ago that I would put together a visually-appealing one of my own. I got a little stuck in deciding what to put on the banner, and this is what came of that artist’s block…

GBC Banner a

The bear-nicorn was something I’d wanted to draw for a while, but the ice demon rider was a spur of the moment thing. I got help with the overall composition and icey armor from Denver Drink and Draw pals – and I dig the result. That said, I did have to revise the rider’s face a bit after the fact  – and might still revise more while I’m adding the GBC name and logo – as their features were originally designed for a thinner musculature. But it’s a glacial wasteland, so they wound up appropriately tougher.

Let me know what you think in the comments, eh?


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