More Adventurous

With the year coming to its end (thank the gods), I’ll be posting quite a few pages. To start, here’s a random illustration done based on a mix that my sister sent me – because a particular song by the band Rilo Kiley (“A Better Son/Daughter”) inspired me to keep on keeping on despite stress and lack of sleep.And to maybe even feel like starting a new adventure – or just being open to the surprises that every day can hold.

Rilo Kiley Illus a

It’s actually a bit old at this point, as I finished it a couple of weeks ago, but it was really just something I did on a lark. The idea was to show someone singing in their car – to create the sense of someone starting to sing quietly and then belting out the rest – as the song itself does something similar.

I’m mostly happy with the final result – but the inset in the fourth panel isn’t really working. Clearly, it needed a bit more going on and a bit less space for the words – which is rare for my illustrative tendencies!

Watch for more posts to come – including the conclusion of Story Telling and the start of a new comic about a good friend of mine.


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