Let’s Be Realistic (X-men)

Last weekend, Great Bear was at Rocky Mountain Comic Con here in Denver, and this weekend, I’ll be at Beastival 2 at Mile High Comics – right near my house. At the former, I had a good amount of time to work on various art works – despite the friendly company of the awesome Dylan Edwards – including some X-men drawings, mainly.

So, for now, here’s an image of one of them – my version of Psylocke as a fusion of Revanche and her 90s iteration. She’s got the gear to be a ninja and the bright purple of her early days. But I also wanted to show her as a multi-racial individual.

Psy Realist

Plus, I wanted her psychic knife to be more flamey and so do more actual damage than just telepathic.

I’m not fully satisfied with the final product – so I might return to this character later. In my mind, though, this intelligent woman understood the risks of being multiracial in our society and made everyone believe she was a British woman transferred into the body of an Asian one – when in reality, she is the child of the Braddock patriarch and a Japanese lover. Such a ruse also prevents  her being disinherited or otherwise discriminated against by her family.

Or so I imagine.

In the meanwhile, this series is growing – keep an eye out for the next one and your chance (via Facebook) to vote for the next character I re-interpret.


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