Gen X Fan Art: A Beginning

The first comic book that I ever read was Generation NeXt #1 – which was actually an interruption in the regularly scheduled Generation X series that occurred entirely in the Age of Apocalypse universe. For some context, here’s a consideration of what this series got right – and another reflecting on one fan’s rereading of it. Anyway, soon after reading that comic, my sister and I became fully fannish for Generation X – and I quickly knew my first favorite comics character.

And I remain an avid fan of Chamber of the X-men. I’m not sure if it’s his unclear psionic furnace chest, general bitterness, or tendency to be gloomy and contrarian, but Jono still fascinates me. Oh who am I kidding – it’s his cynical version of superheroism and aesthetically over-complicated power set..

ChamberHere, I gave him his face back – but in energy form – and some greater control over his powers. I figure he meditates a lot and has a sorta zen approach to life now. Soon after starting this sketch, I penciled some more character studies of my favorite Gen Xers – Jubilee and M. These two characters – and their bitter rivalry-friendship – is also something I enjoyed in the Generation X series. But especially because teens so often bicker over ridiculous things. Class and pretentiousness seemed like fair game for having a long-term rivalry – and I dug how they eventually learned to understand each other.

Jubs MonetI gave both more practical outfits – with Monet tending towards high-fashion ideals with that impossible skirt. You can see the sketches that I was working on of additional characters – but these three inspired me to create a rough fan fic story. Few – if any – of the characters from Generation X have been treated well since the series was cancelled. While Jubilee is a vampire with no mutant powers now, Chamber has been revamped about ten times, Skin was immediately killed off in the shittiest way possible, Husk’s character is chronically nonsensical, and Monet – well, she has gotten to be fairly awesome what with X-factor and other titles.

In any case, you can look forward to a future fanfic comic due to Zak Kinsella and some other awesome folks’ avid interest – here’s hoping I’ll have it done in time for Denver Independent Comics Fest in the Spring!


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