Expressive Lies

I lied – but I did it with a purpose. Instead of going with the next update and illustration of my parent’s house, we turn to a relatively random comics story.

In part, that’s because this story came to me out of nowhere, but it reminds me of the first article that I read on folklore in undergraduate. I took a course on Linguistic Anthropology at the University of Michigan and read Bauman’s article/chapter “‘Any man with more’n one hound’ll lie to ya'” on the use of lying in a community around a coon hound market. Lies – so I learned – don’t have to be negative, but often serve extremely important purposes.

It also stems from the first folklore book I ever read – Jan Brunvard’s The Vanishing Hitchhiker. I realize in retrospect that he’s pretty much my folklore role model – especially given his emphasis on engaging with popular audiences.

In any case, soon, you’ll see why I draw these connections – as we follow “Storytelling” over the next week or so – in between other updates and posts. For now, here is page 1.

Page 1

Please note that the discoloration on one side is due to my poor scanner – which is starting to malfunction. Thankfully, I have access to a much nicer scan through work, so it shouldn’t be an issue with future posts.


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