Fannish Practice

The first comic that I ever officially read was Marvel Comics’ Generation Next #1 – as part of the larger Age of Apocalypse event. Sidenote: the first comic I ever read was a random one from the grocery store that was about a kid who painted graffiti getting murdered by a graffiti demon. It was really weird – and I read it so many times that the darn thing quickly fell apart and was tossed in the trash.

In any case, I’d picked it up when me and my sister – after watching many episodes of X-men: the Animated Series – decided to try out the related comics. We both loved Chris Bachalo’s art and the fact that the characters were close to our age. Plus, we both liked the idea of a surly, punky Brit whose mutant power was to be telepathically morose and have half of his face consumed by energy – despite his terrible accent. Plus, the storytelling – especially page design and character development – was really engaging. So, we stuck with the title – at least until the end of the original creators’ run on the series.

Over time, I’ve shifted reading practices – and so enters the character of Kim Pine. As Scott Pilgrim’s good friend and ex-girlfriend, she was my favorite character in Bryan Lee O’Malley’s books – for much the same reason as Chamber was in Generation X. She was surly, sarcastic, and very often incredibly insightful, unlike Jono’s character. Plus, she often did things that characters in comics weren’t supposed to do – like point out how the main character was being an ass.

So, I decided a few years ago to make some fan art with these two characters having some kind of interaction. And here it is, after a couple of years of never-quite-starting:

Kim Pine is Cool

I took the titular statement by Jono from an image by O’Malley – but figured Kim is too much of a normal person to take kindly to such a statement. And far too self-aware to not point out Chamber’s mutant powers. Basically, Jono’s still too stunted (but especially due to never really aging or having much character growth since Generation X) to be as cool as Kim.

Next up, a proper update and a drawing of home.



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