Of Commissions and Sinister Oryxes…

This is a post I’ve been trying to make come together for a while – but I did not have a good photo of the piece in question. This here is my first foray into oil paints and one of my first commissioned pieces – one that I composed in spring of 2013 for my good friends in Denver.

ORYX 1That’s right – it’s an oryx, which is a large African antelope. Basically, I was visiting with a friend of a friend, and we both noted the awesomeness of a painting said person had on their wall – which, I believe, was a painting of a sinister looking giraffe. Later that day, we were talking about how great something like that would look in my friend’s house, and I offered to paint it for them. They provided the canvas and helped out with the cost of a basic set of oil paints – while I paid for brushes, oil, a few extra paints, and some other supplies.

Originally, I did a smaller sample of the same image – but I don’t remember what happened to it. The experience was really frustrating at first – as I had never used oil paints before. My only real experiences were using acrylic paints for a few random paintings in college and then using model paints in high school for creating some custom action figures (namely my own versions of the X-men’s Dani Moonstar, Generation X’s M, and Spider-Boy of the Amalgam universe). I found the oil to have a really weird texture – and I messed up several times by assuming that the paint would set far more quickly than it did. But it was – mostly – fun. Because oryxes are awesome.

More illustrations and blog posts are coming over the weekend – though not of the patriotic variety.

Until then,



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