Of Ghosts and Monsters

While spending this past Saturday at zine fest, I had quite a few intermittent breaks where there were few people to talk to (especially after the tables around me left early) and not much that one could do (especially in a minute or two). So, I started sketching out some ideas for a new series of short comics I’ll be doing with a friend from Michigan. We’ve briefly talked over a few ideas, but the general theme is gonna me folklore – folk tales, legends, tall tales, jokes, etc. – with a focus on the Great Lakes region. I didn’t expect any of these sketches to look any good, but then, gol-darnit, I kinda like them. So, without much ado, here they are for your enjoyment:

1. The Dog-man of Southeast Michigan – based on a legend told in the area where I grew up and a couple versions that I’ve read in books and online.

Monster Sketches 2a (2)

2. Random ghost figure with tentacle arms, based on a couple stories of water-based ghosts. I added a little random poem on the spur of the moment – comment if you’d like to have the full text added to this here post.

Monster Sketches 1

3. A ghost from a specific legend about an abandoned resort (supposed orphanage) on Lake Erie – and one that I found out was unfounded. Still, I found out after reading several online accounts by locals of being teenagers and spooking visitors by hiding in the woods at night, making scary noises, and throwing a rock or two at especially dim-witted tourists to the former church-run summer camp for orphans (that was the actual purpose). So that’s kinda awesome.

Monster Sketches 3 (2)

That’s all for now – the Dog-man is going to be one of the first few stories we tell, I suspect, so keep an eye out.



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