Hibernation Finale

Well, it’s not much of a finale, but here be the fourth and final rough page from “Hibernate.” Drawing the hills of grass was probably my favorite part, though I really like how the last few panels came out – and how they echo with another story from the Ursa Antho (namely my good friend Thea Oatman’s “Just Right” and its ending on a hill with the night sky). I also like how the white space works on the page – though I’d originally intended to fill it up with grass and mountains. I still might – if you’ve read my comics, you likely know how addicted to cross-hatching and texture I can be…

Hibernate 4That’s all for Ursa Antho and Hibernate – at least until I get the final info for the Etsy store ready to go. I’ll still be posting more backed-up illustrations and whatnot for the month of Ink-une (or rather, June), even if said month ends today.

Happy summer (officially, as of the 21st),



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