Hibernation 2

This second page from my story in the Ursa Antho collection was a bit easier than the first. I’m not sure why, but I knew pretty much from the get-go that this page would have the protagonist chatting with his mom on the top of the page, then transition to his workplace as a repetitive scene of tension. That would then see his mom’s fate addressed quite quickly – as I wanted to keep the narrative pretty tightly wound, so that the bear’s entrance later on would have a kind of release to it.

Hibernate 2a

The mountains at the bottom of the page already give a bit of the sense of release that I was going for, and that’s intentional, too. I think my favorite panel in the whole story is either the 3rd-to-last on the final page – which is coming soon. Or the last panel in the third line on this page. I love to draw the human form, but having a close-up like this interrupt the larger page is really neat – I didn’t mean for that to happen, but I did know the cropped framing would force a bit of a change of pace. Or hoped, I suppose.

Soon enough, we’ll be seeing the next two pages in their rough form, along with some new material. It’s already done and ready to post – but it turns out that tabling at Zine Fest took more out of me than I’d thought (or maybe it was the week of sleeping not much and then one night of 1 hour of sleep – probably it was that) and I slept through much of yesterday.

Until tomorrow,



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