Hibernate 3

Today, I’ll be posting the last two, belated pages of “Hibernate” in their rough form. First up is page 3 – where we meet the bear in question. She’s not super-interested in Vijay – but she was my favorite part of the story. I used photographic references to do the pencils and then let my imagine take over for the inking, which was mainly successful. It’s not photographic realism, but that’s never my goal…

Hibernate 3

I like the pacing of this page, and the weight of the bottom panel – as that is the moment where the protagonist turns back. And that is very much what this story is about – realizing that you’ve turned too far inward, or, in other words, turned into a person who is not so much true to yourself as to the narratives that we are given (but especially of superheroes). And so we move to the 4th page – where Vijay realizes some important truths about himself, his mom, the impermanence of existence, and the value of being ever-in-pursuit of a life that leaves this world a bit better than it was when you were born.

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