Denver Zine Festing

This here is the first of three different posts I’ll be putting up over the next few days about the various comics and zine focused events I’ve frequented this summer. I’ll be doing them in backwards order, so I’m gonna talk about yesterday’s Denver Zine Fest today – which happened at the Denver Art Society at 734 Santa Fe.

I arrived a bit late due to some last minute printing issues – which led to last minute changes in transportation plans. Thank you to my haphazard ride savior – you know who you are! Upon arrival, everyone was super friendly, and I was able to quickly set up my spread. Check it out here – although this is a pic from much later in the day, around 4pm.



So, as you can see, I managed to get a good variety of stuff printed off for the Fest, including: both issues of Great Bear Comics Sampler, the first issue of Sadie Hawkins & the Girl in Question, the NEW Ursa Antho (it’s the colorful cover, front and off-center), one of my tiny comics called “I Hate Adventure,” several prints of the Battle series (8 x 10 and 11 by 17), postcards and prints of my more recent watercolors, and a couple other random prints (namely, my Brief History of Comics Illustration and the Guardians of the Galaxy fan art from last year). I got together a good spread of display paraphernalia from local thrift shops, including the fun red and white table blanket – all for a good price. And it all came together quite well.

Everyone was fairly to super friendly – with many people stopping to browse if not buy. The best seller of the day was definitely the Battle vs. Misogyny, which sold out but for one smaller print. A good amount of each of the other books found a home, as well, including several copies of DOGS!, which means more donations to Last Day Dog Rescue (Huzzah!). The only sad note was when a confused young gent grabbed 2 prints before I could say anything, clearly taking them to be fliers and bending them up into his back pocket – sigh. But the high notes were when several groups of people came along one after the other, got excited about my work, and left with a good armful of books and prints!

In the end, I met a ton of really fantastic folks, got a great deal of insights and good advice (including how to find the so-far difficult-to-find Denver Drink & Draw),  and even managed a quick chat with some cool comickers about cryptozoological creatures. Special thanks to Terry Ratzlaff for chatting about comics and photozines at the start, Derek Knierim for letting me know I was packing up an hour early (whoops!), Tinto Press for being so friendly and excited about DOGS!, and Lonnie Allen and Zak Kinsella for the brief history of Denver’s comics scene as they were packing up. Many thanks to the organizers, who were both enthusiastic and well-organized, as well as super friendly and giving out snacks towards the end.

I did learn one lesson – bring a sign-up sheet! I tried to spread the word about my upcoming call for submissions to Bodies of Water, but having a pre-made sheet to get folks’ emails would have helped a bit.

Until next time,



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