Well, the past few weeks got dominated by family matters – including floor installation, gardening, and yard and general home improvement work at my parents’ homestead. So, I’ll be posting more regularly for the rest of this month, though I’ll also be posting more each day, with the goal of having done the full 30 days of illustrations/comics/etc. as promised, even if it’s a bit belated (and going up into august). To be honest, I’m less interested in the process of creating a piece per day and more interested in doing and having these many works.

So, for today, here’s the first page of my comic from the Ursa Antho collection – I’ll be posting each of the pages from my story without the text, which I have and will be adding through Photoshop, along with any potential corrections. In short, you get an insider’s look at my story, starting with the first page…

Hibernation Page 1

My favorite detail might be the main character, Vijay’s terrible hair – which is of course inspired by Wolverine. We’ll see him let it down as his position in the story changes, but it kind of signifies his position as pretending or immersing himself in comics and the aesthetic surface of things. This story is a bit tough since I have limited it to 4 pages, but I want to communicate the overloaded nature of everyday life now – and then pull the character and the story out to emphasize the different kinds of time we can experience when dealing with tragedy and with beauty, in turn.

It comes from, to a large extent, my personal experience this past year of having so much to do while still knowing that my father’s doctors were saying that he only had 4 months to live (as of last October). He’s made a strong recovery, and gets better every day, but it’s tough to focus on job and grant applications, not to mention the banal work of part-time jobs without much benefits to them, when you know a loved one has an expiration date. In any case, I like the way the page came out, but I shifted things around a bit as I revised – you’ll have to pick up the book to see how things turned out!

That’s all for now,



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