Alexander the Cat

Today, I’m posting a portrait of my long-time feline friend Alex. It was a little bit troublesome because it’s tough to draw someone you’ve known for a long time. In general, we tend to draw or otherwise render objects and landscapes as we believe them to be, which leads to a lessening of detail and a need to see or experience the world more intensely. This is not a new idea – many artists and authors have pointed it out. But in trying to render Alex, I realized that knowing someone so well makes it difficult to portray them because you know too much detail – whether it’s the odd curve of someone’s nose or the nigh-infinite hairs of fur on a small cat’s back. So, the challenge was to keep things simple enough to understand while still portraying Alex.

I also realized in painting/drawing this portrait that I have known Alex for most of my life – 17 out of 33 years. Although we only became friends in 2003, when he moved into my apartment with me, the bond was fairly quick. He still has problems with being overly affectionate and being insecure (which leads to over-eating and drooling in turn), but he’s one of my closest friends. And the only one who is not a human.

In any case, here you go:

Alex a

I’m planning to catch up a bit on posts this week, but it’s fairly likely that I’ll remain behind until next week –  what with home improvement projects, an article for publication, and finalizing the Ursa Antho collection. Apologies if I don’t get everything posted in a timely manner, but please enjoy in any case!

Until next time,



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