Muse, the story continues…

After a bit more delay, here is Page 4 of Muse, the story of a team of cynical superheroes who would rather not. This is mostly a for-fun project, but I want to try to get the first issue out of my system and into a comic book. Despite the fact that I was last able to work on this story about a year ago, I am still digging the direction it’s heading and the evolution of the story’s tone and style. I’m most looking forward to the battle scene that I’m building towards, but ruminating on each of these characters alongside media coverage of the disaster that killed the real superheroes in this alternate Earth is pretty darn fun.

Here’s the revised page:

Muse 4 a

And that’s it for now. I’ll be posting three more posts later on today (Sunday the 14th) to help get caught back up. Then, we’ll have another double post day on Monday, as well. Remember – I’m still taking requests, so feel free to ask for an illustration or otherwise!


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