Today’s first post consists of some fan art – specifically from Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie’s The Wicked and the Divine comics series. Side-note: spoiler alert! If you haven’t read through issue #11, you may want to turn back…

I have been following this series mostly due to my enjoyment of the creators’ characterization of Marvel Boy in their run on Young Avengers and generally interesting and innovative storytelling. Although the celebrity culture aspects of the story made it  a bit tough for me to get into the story – despite the mythological presence of mystical pantheons – I have fast become a fan. In the most recent issue, a character was introduced and killed off in quick fashion, which led to this sketch of what they might look like should they make a dramatic return.

WicDiv Pers 3a

I tried to stick to what little we saw of this character’s personal style – with the general clothing design resembling her one outfit. I specifically envision Persephone returning to wreak vengeance – so I pushed up the red tones, gave her pants instead of shorts, added a strange wrist-weapon and shoulder guard, and gave her a small, stylish, and somewhat physically impossible traveling cape. I had fun drawing her venturing through the mists of non-existence, but next up, we’ll be turning to some proper comics in the form of Muse page 4.




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