Double Trouble

After a very long day attending the Chicago Alternative Comics Expo this past weekend, the schedule for Great Bear Month hit a bit of a speed bump. Through a combination of exhaustion, helping my parents out with some errands and yardwork, and meeting with some friends who were randomly in town, as well as having to do my e-struction job, I managed to get a few days behind. So, for the next four days, we’ll be having double the posts per day – to help get the month back on track.

First up, we have a small piece that works as my bio for promotional purposes of the Ursa Antho. I considered having a bear with its paw on my shoulder and me looking terrified – but settled with this friendlier composition. And I’ve been enjoying my watercolors of late, so I added in color as well.

Jaro Bear Bio a

Next is an illustration-by-request. My good friends asked me not only to draw Tiger Prawn as a dragon but to do a sketch of a dog currently staying with them who is up for adoption. He is a Dutch Shepherd who is quite loving, if also quite shy. I’ve personally bonded with him quite a bit, but he’s looking for a forever home. So, hopefully this illustration can help out in finding that home – especially one with a friend to keep Hank here social despite his anxieties…

Hank a

I put him near the mountains as he’s from Oklahoma and seems to love Denver, and I gave him a range in which to run – as that is pretty much one of Hank’s favorite past-times.

Tomorrow, you’ll be seeing some fan art and some actual, dare-I-say-it, comics in the form of the 4th page of the long-stalled Muse comic. Until then,



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