Bodies of Water Flier

Well, the Ursa Antho is almost done, so I’m prepping the call for comics for the next Great Bear Anthology – Bodies of Water. The premise is comics and visual narratives about water – rain drops, puddles, streams, creeks, rivers, bigger rivers, lakes, seas, oceans, etc. I’m especially interested in stories about the relationship between people and water – but the sky is very much the limit!

Here’s the flier:

Bodies of Water CFC

I will most likely revise it a little bit before posting the flier in public spaces – mainly so that I can include actual info for how and what to submit, etc. Plus, although I like the overall effect, I think the font on the right (Water) might need to be reworked – I was going for a feeling like the flow of water in the lettering, but it just looks poorly aligned. Still, the colors and whatnot look better than I’d expected.

In any case, the actual Call For Comics will be posted a bit later this month, but if you’re for sure interested, drop me a line. Otherwise, you might just be hearing from me anyways…

Until tomorrow,



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