Ursa Antho in the Works

Today’s illustration is a rough version of the cover for the upcoming Ursa Antho: A collection of bear comics – formerly Great Bears of Time and Space. This turned out a fair amount better than I’d hoped – as I’ve been experimenting with water colors. There’s still a fair amount of editing (and some mild erasing) that needs to be done, but I wanted to share the cover’s progress as today’s drawing for Great Bear Month.

Ursa Anthro Rough a

You can get your very own copy at the Denver Zine Fest later this month – or, hopefully, through Etsy (Jaro of the Future here – the GBC Etsy Shop is live; just click on the icon to your right). It’s going to be just shy of the CreateSpace page length requirement, so I’ll be arranging the printing through another, slightly less convenient means.

More to come soon! And if you’d like to find out more about the contributors, keep an eye on the Great Bear Facebook site where I’ve been posting (and will continue to post) regular updates all this month.

Til tomorrow,



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