And now for something…relatively similar

Today’s official post is another character re-interpretation of the same vein as the previous portrait of Storm as a more realistic gal of the 1980’s. This time, I took a stab at Wolverine.

Stoll Wolvie 83

I based his face off a combination of Canadian mountain men and contemporary rugby players, while his jacket was inspired by the many terrible motorcycle jackets (often in garish colors) of the period. His pants were based off of an advertisement for Dickie’s from 1982 – while the boots are straight up from my own wardrobe: a pair of rather old blue roper boots. His gloves are based on motorcycle gloves, and perhaps most importantly, aesthetics-wise, his hair is a combination of older hair styles (see the 1940s and rockabilly pompadours) designed to be relatively realistic, a bit easier to handle (with pomeade), and still very Wolverine.

I actually found myself digging the landscape much more – and I revised this drawing many, many times – both on the page and in Photoshop. So I think I’ll probably avoid further character re-designs – unless you, dear readers, dig it.

Let me know if you’d like to see more realistic superheroes – by liking this post. If there’s at least 5 likes, I’ll take on a couple more X-men of the 80’s re-designs. Otherwise, I’ll be shifting gears to landscape drawings…


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