Tiger Prawn, Water Dragon of the Skies

This one’s a bit late – as I was delayed by other projects and coming down with a bit of a cold. Here we have the lone request that I received for a drawing to be done this Great Bear Month – an imagining of my good friends’ dog (who is also my good friend) Tiger Prawn as a dragon herself. She has some great fur and is probably the coolest looking canine I’ve ever met; plus, she has a great personality that seems to translate well into a mythical beast. So it wasn’t too hard to imagine.

Here’s Dragon Prawn, water serpent of the skies:

Dragon Prawn a

And here’s a pic of Prawn from a hike we went on:

TP 2I referenced the style and images of dragons from Japanese woodcuts for much of this – though the background was inspired by a print from Etsy (whose creator was reinterpreting ukioy-e for their own creative ends). I wound up getting a little far afield with the magenta elements – but I dig the overall effect.

Remember – if you have requests, I’m open to ideas for drawings this month, so email me ASAP.

Until tomorrow,



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