Battle the Unicorn #4: Vs. Misogyny

In this long-awaited fourth adventure of Battle the homicidal unicorn, our hero/ine faces off against sexism, among other things. Unlike existentialism, his enemies are fairly up-front about their stance on things, so you can expect things get tense fairly quick. But, in the process, we learn a little bit more about Battle…

Battle 4One reflection from this particular strip is that I’m going to start saving up for a digital pad/pen. I’ve watched various other artists make the switch (or do well by going fully digital), and while I’m far from giving up on the ‘old-fashioned’ way of making comics that I know and love, it would certainly help me keep up with the many adventures of Battle.

In the mean time, if you have any thoughts or if you’d like to see Battle fight anyone in particular, please say so in the comments! The next Battle comic is a special 2-page story where he will fight a special guest – so watch for it.



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