Calling All Writers & Artists – Let’s THINK ABOUT @?#!


Wanna know stuff? Or share some wisdom?

Great, let’s THINK ABOUT SHIT!

This new series of knowledge-centric zines and blogposts will feature 12+ posts each year of potable, illustrated essays on interesting and/or important topics. Each will be concise (2 to 3 pages double-spaced in 12 pt. Times New Roman), with no tolerance for verbosity, wordiness, or obfuscating scholarly lingo. Topics’ll range from pop culture to social justice and guides to doing stuff like harvesting wild berries or building a bookshelf, plus more besides. For instance, we already have pieces on hipster history and pop music for the first issue coming out this summer…

Zine-wise, TAS will have a physical counterpart 2 to 4 times per year, with a low cover price and as wide a distribution as possible – albeit mainly in the Great Lakes and Rocky Mountains regions. Posts will be monthly at first, with the potential for more regular posts depending on you all submitting ideas. Each will be illustrated by me – at least at first. For any artists interested in contributing, drop me a line, including a sample or link to your site, and you’ll get free range to illustrate a 2 to 3 page piece on a fairly flexible schedule.

So, whatever your expertise, send in a 1-sentence proposal to and spread some knowledge!

How to Submit:

  • Think of an idea for a short essay.
  • Email us a 1-sentence proposal.
  • Include your name, credentials/experience, & any relevant website(s).

Send along your idea before June 15th to ensure consideration for this year’s posts/issues!

Join the Knowledge Bank!

Last but not least, we’re also looking for experts and knowledge bearers to join the Knowledge Bank – our group of editor-like-individuals. Basically, you’d be volunteering to read and review 3 to 5 short essays per year – on a fairly flexible schedule – to ensure quality content. Let us know of any degrees, certifications, media presence, or other ways to show how you know stuff.

THINK ABOUT SHIT is Great Bear’s solution to the ever-present danger of the Ivory Tower – namely concentrating knowledge in the hands of the few. We believe knowledge, wisdom, and thinking belong to everyone – so why not make a zine of potable but credible research and information? Why not send in your proposal and see what it’s like to —

Share the wealth; gain the wisdom.


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