DOGS! Is Here

First off, the delay in postings and getting the Kindle book of DOGS! up was due to my father’s declining health. I wound up spending some time in Michigan helping him and my mom out; that, alongside taking on a few too many cool projects this past fall, led to my having to set aside Great Bear for a while. Unfortunately, as I’m only one person, there was no one to pick up the slack. Thankfully, though, the new semester brings the chance to catch up – which means this post and more to come.

Secondly, Chicagoland residents, Ann Arbonites, and Columbus Comickers rejoice! You can get your very own copy of DOGS! and support some very cool local businesses. Here’s a quick list of stories that now carry DOGS! – so long as they have not sold out yet…

1. Vault of Midnight Comics Shop in Ann Arbor (where we had the Stateside launch and my personal favorite comics place)

2. Stadium Cards & Comics in Ypsilanti, Michigan (which is the city where my parents started their family and an increasingly cool place to be)

3. Chicago Comics in Chicago (obviously – this awesome place needs no introduction)

4. Challengers Comics in Chicago (which is quite close to the Western Blue Line Station and my favorite for comics-related events in the Midwest’s comics capital)

5. Quimby’s Bookstore in Chicago (or the place where ALL the zines [and many cool events] live)

6. Laughing Ogre Comics in Columbus, Ohio (as in the below picture by comics scholar Robert Loss)

Dogs at Laughing Ogre

If you live too far from any of these above locations – i.e. anywhere but the Northern Midwestern United States and places in India with bookstores that carry DOGS!, you can easily get your own copy through CreateSpace (which gives a bit more to Last Day Dog Rescue than Amazon). For international GBC, Captain Bijli, and DOGS! fans, never fear, the Kindle version will soon be here! I’ll be updating this post in the next few days with the link, so keep an eye out.

Next up, a review of the various DOGS! launches and the next Battle the Unicorn strip.

Until then – J


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