DOGS! is coming to an American bookstore…relatively far from you

DOGS! An Anthology will soon be arriving in the United States, after launches in Goa and Delhi in India. For readers in Chicago, IL and Ann Arbor, MI – you will soon be able to buy our very own copy. For readers elsewhere, you will likely have to take advantage of Amazon, as we’ll be printing through CreateSpace and Amazon on-demand publishing. It will be a bit easier than searching generally on that site, though, as I’ll post the CreateSpace shop for Great Bear Comics, as well.

In the meantime, here’s a preview of my story from the anthology, “The Street Life,” some of which you’ll remember seeing before. This time, you get a few pages from further into the story – namely pages 6 and 7, when our protagonist is exploring Lodhi Garden, while on her way to follow that interesting smell.

Here’s one little bit of information that you’ll find nowhere else about this story – throughout, I had to include people hanging out in Delhi so that the cityscape looked like a real, lived-in place. As my connection to Delhi was very much through my fieldwork, you’ll see various creators from the comics scene in Delhi in this story – from Sarnath Banerjee to Vishwajyoti Ghosh and Orijit Sen. I will soon be releasing a special, extended version of this story, which includes 4 pages that did not make the cut for the anthology – and which include cameos from Parismita Singh and editor and publisher extraordinaire, Arpita Das of Yoda Press. But, for now, enjoy these special previews…

Here’s page 1, which you’ll remember from the first post:

Page 1And page 6 – where we see Jaggery, the dog, encounter a friend of sorts.

Page 6

And, finally, page 7 – where you can see Orijit is about to make a special cameo and have a conversation with our heroine, Jaggery.

Page 7

For those of you who read all the way through, once you have a copy of the book, try to spot all the comics creators from Delhi – if you can find 3 of them (and I gave away one already), I’ll draw an original piece of art for your trouble – preferably a portrait of your best canine friend. But the choice is up to you!

More updates coming soon,



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