The Right to Arm Bears…with Stories

With the arrival of the Dogs! Anthology in India, and soon the United States and larger world, Great Bear Comics is looking to the future. And it’s hairy.

Bear Reading 1

This fall/winter, I’ll be putting together a rather small and low fi collection of stories about bears in comics, illustrations, and other visual narratives: Great Bears of Time & Space (yes, that is a tentative title to be changed as needed). While visual narratives are preferred, if you have a good short, short story, photograph, essay, poem, or other art work, that would also be warmly welcomed!

Now, you may be asking – do you mean bears like “Growwwwl” or do you mean bears like the furry animals who live in forests. The easy answer is the latter – as the intention is to have a great book for bear-lovers on the roster of Great Bear titles. Beyond that, it’s up to you to determine the characters, genre, themes, etc – though here’s the basic requirements:

  • A bear or bears should be central to the story.
  • Stories should be 1, 2, or 6 pages long.
  • Color is expensive, so keep it black and white.

Story PROPOSALS are due by October 15th of this year, 2014. It should be one page or less of text in 12 point font, with: your name, 2 to 3 sentence bio, email address and website, and a brief paragraph describing your proposed story content, length, and style or design notes. All story proposals should be sent to . For comics, a sketch or thumbnail should be included as a JPEG or PDF. I will get back to potential contributors by Oct. 31st.

Unfortunately, as I’ll be publishing this myself, I cannot offer money, but I can offer:

  • A friendly space for stories about bears
  • A hand knit winter accessory of your choice (scarves, hats, etc.)
  • A curated chocolate bar, and
  • A free mix of music chosen and illustrated by me.

Within this package of awesomeness, you’ll also get 2 complimentary copies of said zine for your reading and distributing desires and a size-able discount on any additional copies. I will be personally distributing copies to local book shops in the Great Lakes region (Chicago, Ann Arbor) and possibly elsewhere. If, somehow, this book actually makes profits, those proceeds will go to a bear-related charity.

If your response to any of the above is any of the below, you probably want to leave now:

  • What a poser!
  • Geez, this guy is seriously naïve…
  • But I want to write about bearrrrrrrrrrrrrrs.
  • My story cannot be less than 12 pages or I will die.

Thank you for considering submitting to Great Bear Comics! Whether or not you submit something, I appreciate your taking the time to read this little CFS (call for stories).


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