Great Bear Summer…To Be Continued Nowish?

Let the truth be heard – this summer has been a tad rough. You’ll undoubtedly notice that Great Bear Month ended a bit abruptly, followed by a quick return to normal in July, and then followed by silence, despite my promise of an update.

To be brutally honest, that was almost the end of Great Bear Comics.

My father’s health in May was not great – as in, really bad. He’s since gotten better, but much of this summer has been disaster management for the emotional and actual fallout of that: helping my parents out with various home improvements, talking stuff through with family members (including funeral and will-related awkwardness), and, to top things off, the details of potentially leaving Chicago, as my teaching position for the fall fell through. So, a bit of a tumultuous time.

This, good friends, led to the lack of postings. I have been halfway through a chapter and an illustration for Sadie Hawkins since mid-June, I have the next page of Muse awaiting a night of inking, and I have sketched the next 3 Battle comics (including one on misogyny and a would-have-been-birthday-special on adjuncting). It’s been fairly depressing that I had no time for comics, instead spending all my time on job applications, picking up hours at my part-time tutoring gig, and otherwise making as much money as possible to cover for my lost fall teaching gig.

In short….capitalism blows chunks?

Or, even better, if you’re still around, thank you for bearing with this bear of a hairy summer. And, yes, these puns will keep coming, so long as you, dear reader-friends, keep coming back to Great Bear.

In the meantime, I’ve been writing a story just for you all. If you checked us out on my birthday, you got a chance to check out the long-in-process but soon-to-be-zined The Color of Truth. But, since you stuck around, I wrote an extra story just for you – it’s a science fiction, mini-epic that resulted from a simple question: is it possible that we humans have left reality behind? And don’t worry – there’s illustrations.

The Tower in the High Castle of a Paradise Lost” – yep, that’s the rough title – should go live within a few days, but much sooner, you can look forward to an update on the Dogs! Anthology release, some Sadie Hawkins updates, a brand new illustration, some images of felted creatures I have made, and a call for submissions for a tiny anthology on Great Bears of Time & Space.

Again, if you’re still reading GBC, thank you. For liking my stuff, for participating in these storytellings, and for coming back again and again – despite my random periods of life-getting-in-the-way. In gratitude, have a charcoal drawing of Sable Dunes on Lake Superior, which I drew fairly soon after moving to Denver in 2012 – when everything felt terrifying and there was no blog for my comics-making.

Until next post,


Sable Dunes Charcoal


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