M.U.S.E. Sketches

The title is a bit misleading – in that these sketches are all of characters from the dead superhero team in my Muse webcomic, rather than the team I focus on (who go by M.U.S.E. for reasons to be revealed). The late heroes, who went by the name The Muses, mostly died off screen – though one or two will pop up in the course of the story to be told.

First off, let’s get a closer look at the leader of The Muses, the late Birdy – whose real name was never shared with her teammates – but who became the most famous hero with her seemingly limitless telekinesis, telepathy, and pyrokinesis. She is known to have grown up in a small town in Northern Indiana and has a Bachelor’s in Communication & Psychology. Bird, as she liked to be called, will be important as a stand-in for crappy representations of superheroines – or at least she will at first. But there’s a fairly interesting person underneath all that spandex and bad hair…

Birdy Sketch

Next up, someone a bit more innocent – Katherine or Kit, who goes by the codename Acid. She’s an Indian American from Troy, Michigan and the youngest hero on the team. At only 16 years old, she tends to be given the publicity missions – like saving a kitten from a tree – though her acid-based powers make that a bit iffy. Her death is gonna hit people harder than others – but especially her big brother.

Acid Sketch

Beside her, we have Thermos – with potentially the silliest name of all. Thermos, whose real name is Victoria, is a bit of a favorite of mine, as she is adamantly against costumes and generally just throws on a pair of goggles so that she can see properly while using her heat-based armor powers. She’s fairly tough – and also dead, sadly. I almost rewrote the story so that she lived, but she wound up perishing for important reasons that shall not be revealed…yet. I have reworked her body type since, although she was originally fairly skinny, I wanted more diversity of female forms and she makes more sense as a more muscular person. Also, I feel like she loves roller derby.

Thermos Sketch

Next up, we have the couple of this iteration of The Muses – Alexander (from A Dude’s World – anyone? anyone?) and Maggie – who go by Hooligan and Magenta respectively. You can see Alex’s origin in my former comic, but basically he got superpowers when his sister, Hope Larkin, lost control of her own reality-warping powers. At first, he was just a dog-boy, but over the years, he developed fire powers to go along with some agility, fangs, and such. Of late, he’s been side-by-side with Birdy in the spotlight – as evidenced by his own superhero-spandex outfit.

Magenta, meanwhile, has badass pink energy powers. But she may or may not actually appear in the comic – depending on reader (i.e. YOUR) interest. Her character is one of my favorites, in theory, but will take some time to untangle and so will be a background figure for now.

Magenta Hooligan Sketch

And the last of the late superheroes in our story – Valentine – whose actual name is….Valentine Sinclair. He’s from Michigan, but met Birdy in college. He’s strong – and that’s pretty much it. We’ll learn more about each of these characters as the members of M.U.S.E. investigate their deaths, but for now, not much is known about Val, except that he was in a long-term relationship with Birdy.

Valentine Sketch

The next set of sketches will focus on the former members of The Muses who are not, in fact, dead. Which will hopefully provide some helpful references as we get further into the story of Muse.


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