Muse Chapter 1 Page 3

The story continues with this page focusing on Molly and Wayne – two more of our five (or is it 6?) main characters that you meet in this first story/chapter. We’ll soon get a sense of how they all meet and wind up sharing a storyline, but for now, we get to see each of them in their elements – or in Molly and Wayne’s case, the two of them as a couple.

This page was quite tough, as I had originally laid it out entirely differently – with only 3 images: one large splash of Molly in the middle and one of Wayne at the top and bottom respectively. That meant LOTS of Photoshop editing work – mainly erasing misplaced pencils and washes and reworking certain elements. The biggest issue wound up being Molly’s arms and chest – which were both not quite working in terms of a human body in space; specifically, her elbow was in the wrong place, and her upper chest was not quite large enough to allow for lungs and bones and such. Her arm in the big panel still looks off – it’s supposed to be going backward in space, but I don’t think it reads that way, alas.

I know my art is not super-biologically-accurate, but I do try to avoid overly sexualized and inordinately unrealistic representations of women – I always wondered as a kid why superheroines had such small waists, for instance, so I am ever-cognizant of making sure all the people I draw are realistically proportioned, relative to whatever style I’m using.

Without further ado, Page 3:

Muse 3


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