Battle vs. a Phoenix

In today’s post, find out what Battle the homicidal unicorn does when he has to fight a being that, rather than dying, can only ever be born again.

It’s pretty great…

Battle 3

I’m really starting to get a stronger grasp of horse musculature and anatomy. Which is really fun, actually. I love drawing these animals in motion – even if it’s in the form of mystical variations of real animals. The phoenix, I must admit, is entirely imaginary – based on what I think a phoenix would look like, rather than any references. Though the funnest part to draw wound up being that bizarre egg near the end.

This particular battle (with a phoenix) was requested by comics creator Julia Von de Bur Рwho was really friendly when I met her at CAKE, and who makes really fantastic comics. Check out her phoenix and dragon comic Рas it was my favorite thing (and the favorite of several others I was hanging out with) at CAKE.

For the next Battle comic, he’ll face down misogyny- if you have requests for other battles for our heroic maniac, post them in the comments below!



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