Muse begins…belatedly

As you’ll have noticed, I was unable to get up the hoped-for 5 post minimum for last week – so this week will be a bit of catch-up. First on the docket is the long-in-development webcomic I have been working on for the past year. Before that, this was a comic and prose story that I worked on starting in late high school and early college. So, this story has been a long time coming – and it still will be. I’ll be posting 12 pages this month, and, from then on, it will be a page every week or two.

With M.U.S.E., you will find yourself dropped into a world with superheroes. The focus of this story is on 5 soon-to-be-friends who have crappy, if any, superpowers, but who each, upon the death of the superhero team The Muses, decide to save the day. This is not intended to be a work of literature, but a series about friendship, youth, and finding a way to be a person who cares about the world, without breaking underneath the vastness of it. In short, you can expect some melodrama, snarkiness, and a story more about life than heroics. And in this first (and perhaps only) story, we follow this group of 5 would-be heroes as they try to work out what happened before their story even started…

Now presenting Page 1 for your viewing pleasure:

Muse 1



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