DOGS! An Anthology of Comics

I have mentioned it before, and even shown a few pages from my own story within the anthology, but today, you get to look at the fantastic promotional art that the incredibly talented and prolific comics creator (and I am proud to say, friend o mine) Tiffany L. Pascal created for DOGS! An Anthology – A collection of comics about our canine companions by writers and artists in India and the U.S.A.

Dog antho promo cover 2

Be sure to check out her site for many awesome webcomics and like Femme Schism on FB – and buy some of the collected volumes to show your support of her mad visual storytelling skills! And if you’re in New Mexico, keep an eye out for her fantastic exhibitions, too.

The full anthology will be coming out soon – though we’ve (Great Bear and the wonderful Captain Bijli Comics) had a few delays for various reasons – but in the meantime, and with the Chicago Alternative Comics Expo in full swing over this past weekend, I wanted to have something to hand out to creators and publishers alike. While I was only able to print a limited 10 copies of the promo – which included a story from an Indian and American creator, respectively — never fear! The  full anthology should be available soon through AuthorsUpFront and, for you Americans, specifically in digital format.

I’ll be trying to get some copies printed and stocked around Chicago, Ann Arbor, and possibly elsewhere, but that information, really, is more for future updates.

Until tomorrow,



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