Great Bear Month Begins NOW

One year ago today, Great Bear Comics officially got its butt in gear. So, in honor of last year’s Great Bear Month, I’ll be posting 5 to 7 blogposts each week for the duration of this sixth month of 2014. Some will be new comics and chapters of Sadie Hawkins, some will be posts about comics events I’ve attended, and others will be related to my research and teaching on comics – including at least a few about masters of Indian comics that I have been prepping for a while now.

Your first post, though, is a bit of a review – this past year, I had a few projects get to publication, and I started a more regular one-page strip about a homicidal unicorn – that is mainly a source of fun. So, for the annual Chicago Alternative Comics Expo, I decided to pull  various incarnations of these fully-realized stories together for the second issue of Great Bear Comics proper, formerly titled Great Bear Comics Sampler. Within these pages, you will find:

–     That’s So Hipster – a story that’s more a criticism of how we talk about ‘hipness,’

–     Battle the Unicorn #1 and #2 – for your critical enjoyment,

–     an unabridged The Street Life – with four extra pages of urban, Delhi dog wanderings,

–     and, last but not least, my comic strip for Manta Ray Comics, The Writer’s Block.

Here’s the cover – which I will admit was a blast to create:

GBC 2 Cover a

If you find yourself in Chicago, check out Quimby’s Books, where I will be depositing a few copies forthwith – and if you find yourself in Ann Arbor, I’ll try to get some copies to that infamously awesome comics shop, Vault of Midnight. Otherwise, contact me for information about getting your own – though I should be working out the Etsy shop, for real and for true, very soon.

Until next post,



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