A Book Reviewed & Some Audio Links

Well, here’s a sketch of the main characters of the M.U.S.E. comic I’ll be posting soonish:

musepic (2)

But you’re only getting that one because this post is all about words.

Firstly, a review that I wrote a while ago has officially been posted on the internets. See here, in the newest issue of the awesome journal, ImageText: Interdisciplinary Comics Studies: http://www.english.ufl.edu/imagetext/

Secondarily, I have never actively put these into any kind of organized post, so below you will find links to two radio pieces from WFIU of Bloomington, Indiana for which I was interviewed.

For the first, I was honored to be put into conversation with the super-cool comics creator Nate Powell for an interview about Comic Con and comics culture — even if he was unable to make it, and I got to chat with manager of Bton comics establishment Vintage Phoenix, Matt Traughber, instead.


For the second, my friend Annie Corrigan spoke with me about comics and graphic novels — and my words are somewhere in this larger piece that is focused on IUB alum Michael Uslan. Looking back, the quotes for this piece are not the best (like I would not say that comics are art, necessarily, but that’s a better starting point for the diverse potential of the medium than Batman) — but that’s the way the cookie crumbles.


Until next time,



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